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Metal Expander Roll

Krishna Engineering Works is the leading manufacturer of Metal Expander Roll, which is widely used in high-speed Pulp & Paper & Textile Applications. Metal Banana Expander Rolls are also known as Wrinkle Removing Rolls, Bow Rollers & Banana Rollers.
Our Expander Roll has a hard chrome surface that is suitable for high speed and high tension applications for Paper industries, particularly for slitter re-winders, Calendars, Poop Reels, M.G cylinders. On high-speed machines, it does not wear & tear so it is commonly used in place of Rubber Bow Roll.


Metal Expander Roll

  • Used in Different Industries: Industries Like Paper, Tyre cord, Woven Sacks, Leather, Plywood, Sheet Line Material Handling and many more.
  • Roller used in Different Machines for Plastic Industry: Printing Machine, Flexible Printing Machine, Flexo Machine, Lamination Machine, Graver Machine, Scaling Machine, Pipe Plant, Winding Unwinding Machine, Offset Printing, Box Strapping Machine
  • Roller used in Different Machines for Textile Industry: Stentor Machine, Jigger Machine, Rotary Machine, Dyeing Machine, Calender Machine, Mangle Machine, Loop Steamer

Our equipments are used for the following Applications:

  • Rewinding – Converting, Textile, Paper, Tire
  • Unwinding – Converting, Textile, Paper, Tire
  • Marking, Coding and Printing Applications
  • Slitting – Any type of Laminate
  • Packaging
  • Wrapping
  • Printing – Converting and Textile
  • Tracking
  • Controlling Tension & Edge of Laminate / Fabric.

Technical Specification

  • Rubber Sleeve Covered. (High-Quality Synthetic Nitride Sleeve).
  • Metal Expander with hard chrome plated surface for high-speed application.
  • Vary Bow Expander Roller.

Standard Features

  • Single Acting Bow Roll
  • Double Acting Bow Roll

The Performance of our Bow Roller depends upon the following points:

  • Wrap angle
  • Lead-in & Lead-out distance
  • Position of bow (Adjustable)

In this, 3:1 (lead-in: lead-out) ratio is considered to be perfect. The best results are attained when Bow Roller is perpendicular to the web direction.

Advantages of our Bow Roll are:

  • Control Slack Edges
  • Remove wrinkles
  • Separate slit webs on winder
  • Eliminate baggy center
  • Try to even out lateral tension across the web width

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